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Company Recalls A Toy It Gave As A Gift For Another Recalled Toy (Yes, It's That Complicated)

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LOS ANGELES - The first recall was bad enough: A million-plus "Thomas & Friends" toys pulled because of lead paint. The second was surreal: The maker of the smiley-faced trains sent customers "bonus gifts" so they'd stay loyal — and now some of those toys have been recalled, too.

The dead still have to pay library fines

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HARRISON, N.Y. -- Even the dead apparently have to pay the fines on their overdue books at one Westchester County library. Elizabeth Schaper said she was charged a 50-cent late fee while turning in a book that her late mother had checked out of a Harrison Public Library branch.

"I was in shock," Schaper said. "This has rocked me to my core."

The New American Ghost Town

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Along the streets of Far Rockaway, many recently built two- and three-family town houses sit waiting for even one family to move in. Some have boarded-up windows, while others have clumps of garbage in driveways that have never seen a car. Desperate developers hoping to cover their bets — and stem their losses — tape up both For Rent and For Sale signs inside windows that face nearly deserted streets.

Fossilized walrus penis sells for mere US$8,000 at Beverly Hills auction, instead of expected $16,000

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BEVERLY HILLS, California (AP) - A fossilized penis bone from an extinct walrus isn't the usual kind of artifact to hang above the mantel.

Maybe that's why has it sold at auction for eight thousand dollars U-S, far below the expected price.

Josh Chait, director of operations for the I-M Chait Gallery, says the 1.4 metre-long item, covered with weathered skin and dry muscle tissue, was sold to the company that runs the Ripley's Believe It or Not museums.

Chait says there were only three bidders and the contest lasted only a couple of minutes.

Woman Fights 27-Year-Old Speeding Ticket

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Janelle Dunklee had been driving without a driver's license for 27 years without even realizing it, reported WPTZ-TV in Plattsburgh.Dunklee said she recently got a letter from the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles stating that she needed to pay a fine to have her license reinstated.

ExxonMobil Sends Man 2,000 Credit Cards

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NEW YORK - He wanted a couple of credit cards. He got a couple of thousand. Manhattan accountant Frank Van Buren found himself flooded with plastic in recent weeks, as the ExxonMobil cards kept on coming. Van Buren, who said he has had an ExxonMobil account for his business for 17 years, had ordered two copies of his card because it was expiring.

He got the cards he requested -- and then got two boxes with 1,000 cards each. Van Buren said it took hours to shred the cards, which all had his name and account number.

Girl Gets Paris Hilton's Old Cellphone Number

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It took a while for Shira Barlow to figure out why she was getting so many phone calls with birthday wishes, party inquiries and requests to get on guest lists at Los Angeles nightclubs. At first, the UCLA junior thought the random references to "Paris" were some kind of nickname.

Always Low Prices - Man Buys Plasma TV At Wal-Mart For $4.88

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MONROE, La. - While Wal-Mart is known for dropping its prices, one West Monroe man took the ad campaign seriously when he dropped the price of a plasma television from $984 to $4.88. Police arrested Chandon L. Simms, 23, on Tuesday at the retail store on a charge of felony theft.

According to police reports, Simms carried a 42-inch Sanyo Plasma TV to a self-checkout aisle after switching the original price tag of $984 with one for only $4.88. Wal-Mart Loss Prevention officers witnessed the alleged transaction and called police.

Sorry, That Vasectomy Came With No Refund

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SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Lost love carries no refund, even if you have a receipt. The Utah Court of Appeals rejected an ex-fiance's request to recover thousands of dollars spent during his engagement on a vasectomy, a cruise to Alaska, a trip to France and other purchases.

Layne D. Hess sued Jody Johnston after she returned an engagement ring to him in April 2005 and called off a wedding planned for that summer.

Hess accused her of unjust enrichment and breach of contract, claiming he spent the money because of their upcoming marriage.

Airline Fined $5,800 For Serving Chicken To Vegetarian.

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A court has ordered Malaysia's national airline to pay a Brahmin Hindu 20,000 ringgit (5,800 US Dollars) to compensate him for mental anguish suffered as a result of being served a chicken meal during a flight, local media reported on Saturday.

Arvind Sharma, a cargo agent for Dell computers in India, experienced depression, shock, stress and humiliation after the chicken meal on the Malaysian Airline System flight from Bangalore to Kuala Lumpur four years ago, magistrate M. Rajalingam said.

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