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Suicide calls jump amid foreclosures and economic woes.

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A local hot line has seen a dramatic spike in suicide calls from people in Palm Beach County who are facing foreclosure and can't pay their bills, according to numbers released today.

Not Your Regular Foreclosure Story - Man Loses Nine Houses

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15 Dyed Dogs You've Got To See

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Link of the day - Free $50 Kmart card.

Multicolored Papillon:

There is no rhyme or reason to the color scheme on this Papillon.

Toilet Signs Across the World

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Male and females are represented differently all across the world. One of the proofs for this statement is the diverse representations of toilet signs in different corners of the globe. While some tried to make the signs as obvious as they can get, others went out of their way to be creative. Here are some of the wackiest, funniest or oddest men and women toilet signs.


Bentleys, Porsches And Other Top Line Cars Repo'd In Record Numbers

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Link of the day - Who Is Shawn Casey? Is He For Real?

In his 40-some-year career, recovery agent Hank Leleu has witnessed enough economic downturns to know how they'll play out. Once people start missing payments on their "toys," a storm starts brewing. He knows that just from experience.

The country has fallen on hard times once during each of the decades of Leleu's career, and he says it's always the same story.


Ohio man finds someone already buried in his grave

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COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio - A southwest Ohio man who planned to be buried next his mother has found someone else already in his grave.

David L. Bingham says someone who shares his name has taken over his would-be final resting place. He says he hadn't visited his mother's grave since 2005 and was surprised to find someone had been buried next to her in 2006.

Parents board flight, forget toddler at airport

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Tickets, check. Passports, check. Luggage, check. Baby ... oops.

A family boarded a flight on Monday in westernmost Canada, and forgot their tot at the Vancouver international airport, media said Tuesday.

The 23-month-old boy's family had just arrived in Canada from the Philippines, but they were forced to repack their overweight bags before catching a connecting flight to Winnipeg, causing them to run late.

In their sprint to the gate, the family became separated.

The most extraordinary mathematician of the 20th century celebrated his 80th birthday, crazy and alone

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The most extraordinary genius in mathematics turned 80 in March, but no parties were held. His grateful students didn’t give speeches about him. Mathematicians didn’t convene at a grand conference in his honor. No one even lit a candle on his birthday cake. For more than 15 years, Alexandre Grothendieck has lived in self-imposed isolation in a tiny village in the Pyrenees. His rages have discouraged even his most determined visitors.

North Lauderdale City Commission Wants To Divide Florida Into 2 States

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(AP) One city commission wants to divide Florida into two states: North Florida and South Florida. The North Lauderdale City Commission says in a resolution that it's not confident in state leaders when it comes to collecting and spending their own money.

It also says it would be "in the best interests of the citizens and residents" to divide the state.

The Collapse of America's Service Economy

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Recent high profile bankruptcies of mainstay American retailers, such as The Sharper Image and Linens 'n Things, as well as the proposed mergers between Blockbuster/Circuit City and Delta/Northwest, and the admissions from the nation's leading student lenders that their business models are no longer viable, mark the beginning of a long overdue overhaul of the American economy. In short, the economy will be getting smaller and more expensive.

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