Colorado Inmates Sue Over Mosquitoes

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Three prisoners serving potential life sentences in Colorado say their lives have been threatened - by mosquitoes.

The inmates at Walsenburg and Limon prisons sued, saying they were at risk of contacting West Nile virus or other diseases after they were bitten repeatedly by mosquitoes and suffered "the emotional and mental distress of whether or not each mosquito's bite would result in death or serious bodily injury."

Stephen Glover, Alan Smith and Michael Freeman said the bites caused high fever, headache, neck stiffness and muscle weakness.

But the Colorado Court of Appeals swat down their case and upheld a lower court's decision to throw their case out.

$3 Million For JFK Sniper Window

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An item described as the window and frame from where Lee Harvey Oswald shot US President John F Kennedy in 1963 has been sold at auction on eBay.

A mystery bidder paid more than $3m (£1.5m) for the item, apparently from Oswald's shooter's nest at the Texas Schoolbook Depository.

The starting price was just $100,000 but bidding was brisk and the item eventually fetched $3,001,501.

The depository was owned by a local family that listed the item on eBay.

'Piece of history'

Caruth Byrd, a member of that family, says the window of the Dallas building was removed shortly after the assassination because people were stealing bits of it.

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