Judges overturn libel verdict over bad review given Irish pizzeria

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DUBLIN, Ireland - The decision was bound to leave a bad taste in somebody's mouth.

In this case it's the owner of Belfast pizzeria whose unprecedented libel verdict has been overturned by a Northern Ireland appeals court.

Owner Ciaran Convery successfully sued a Belfast newspaper over a review that deemed his Goodfellas restaurant smoky, sloppy and unappetizing.

But Northern Ireland Chief Justice Brian Kerr ruled that a Belfast jury erred in law last year when it awarded Convery $50,000 in damages.

Stylist Shot Complaining Client

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A Pennsylvania hairstylist is behind bars this morning after officials say a complaint about a haircut allegedly prompted a shooting.

Officials say it happened Thursday night inside an apartment in Washington, Pa., reports CBS station KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh.

Police say Monique Reed, 38, is facing charges of aggravated assault and reckless endangerment. Reed is accused of shooting Lauren Newton, 28, according to officials.

Man Makes Bomb Threat To Get Beer

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A Virginia Beach man says he called in a bomb threat to a Target store to get the police away from a grocery store across the street just to rob it of beer!

The saga all started Wednesday afternoon when Virginia Beach Emergency Communications got a 911 call from a pay phone in the Birdneck Shopping Center.

Woman In New York City Says Cabbie Hit Her For Not Having Cash

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There have been a number of reports of cab drivers balking at customers who try to pay with credit cards in New York City, but a woman is accusing a cabbie of actually punching her after she tried to charge a ride.

Tamara Perez tells CBS station WCBS-TV she still can't believe it happened.

The incident happened Tuesday after Perez ran to her East Village home to pick up some papers. Once in the cab, the 35-year-old realized she had no cash the pay the $10 fare. Instead, she pulled out a credit card, but the cabbie wasn't having it.

Not Fair! Bank Robber Wins $1 Million Lottery

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BARNSTABLE, Mass. - The luck keeps rolling for a convicted bank robber in Massachusetts who won a $1 million lottery prize.

Although he violated his probation by buying the ticket, a judge says he can keep the money.

A lawyer for Timothy Elliott, 55, called the violation minor, and the Massachusetts lottery commission previously said it saw no basis for withdrawing the prize.

Man Receives Paychecks Five Years After Leaving Job, Pockets $469,000 Before Getting Arrested

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$469,000 payroll error at a New Jersey company has earned an Illinois man a date with police. Anthony Armatys of Palatine, Ill., was arrested Wednesday on theft charges after allegedly receiving electronic payroll bank deposits from a New Jersey company he never worked for, authorities said.

Officials at Avaya Inc., a telecommunications provider located in Basking Ridge, discovered checks had been mistakenly direct deposited into his account for nearly five years, according to the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office.

Corruptonomics - How Corruption Works And How To Fight It Effectively

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The aid industry faces a dilemma. On the one hand, countries are more likely to grow rich if their citizens are provided with some important basics, such as a legal system that works, or protection from corrupt officials. Such basics might seem the priority for aid money. On the other hand, it is much easier to measure success in simpler projects, such as building roads and laying pipes.

Wesley Snipes Has Not Been Paying Taxes Since 1997. And You'll Be Surprised Why

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From 1999 to 2004, the actor Wesley Snipes earned $38 million appearing in more than half a dozen movies, including two sequels to his popular vampire thriller “Blade.”

The taxes he paid in the same period? Zero.

But unlike other celebrities who find themselves on the wrong side of the Internal Revenue Service, Mr. Snipes has a flamboyant explanation: he argues that he is not actually required to pay taxes.

Faced with a shrunken jury pool, a judge resorted to some sidewalk justice

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ST. JOHNSBURY, Vt. (AP) - Faced with a shrunken jury pool, a judge resorted to some sidewalk justice in hopes of filling it out. It worked. Judge Harold Eaton, Jr., discouraged when a 34-person pool of would-be jurors for a sex case was reduced to 20 people, sent sheriff's deputies into the street to summon people to join in Wednesday.

Inmate Files Lawsuit Because It Was 'Too Easy' To Escape

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A Colorado inmate who's escaped twice from a county jail is suing because he says it was too easy for him to break out.  Scott Anthony Gomez, Jr. said guards at the jail abused him and that's why he attempted to escape. 

Gomez alleges he was seriously injured during an escape attempt in January 2007. He alleges he fell 40 feet while trying to scale down the side of the jail.

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