Russian circus performers sue ex-U.S. managers, alleges theft of cat training tricks

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NEW YORK - A Russian circus performer and his son are alleging in a lawsuit that their ex-managers stole methods for teaching felines to perform.

Yuri Kuklachev and his son, Dmitri, accuse father-and-son Mark and Yanis Gelfman of applying for a trademark for methods they stole to create a cat circus in New York City. The lawsuit was filed in a Brooklyn court, the Daily News reported Monday.

Kuklachev's attorney, Gary Tsirelman, says the Gelfmans are ``trying to steal'' his client's identity.

A spokesman for the Gelfmans, James Woods, says the lawsuit should be tossed. He says the Moscow Cats Theater, which features felines performing acrobatic tricks, was created by the Gelfmans.

[Via - Sun Sentinel

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