Oops - Rookie Plumber Makes A $12 Million Mistake

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A 17-YEAR -old rookie plumber has burned down a £5 million ($12 million) waterside mansion in southwest England, after a soldering task during his first day on the job went horribly wrong.

The historic mansion in Kingswear, Devon, was undergoing a £2 million renovation when a fire ripped through the eight-bedroom house overnight.

In just minutes it burned it down to the ground.

It is thought the fire started after polystyrene insulation caught alight from the flame of a blow torch.

The plumber was working for a firm of sub-contractors.

John Howes, of the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, said the plumber was "very upset", according to the Daily Mail newspaper.

"It appears at this stage that this was an unfortunate plumber who was soldering in the roof space of a large building, which was undergoing total renovation".

"We think a blowtorch may have set light to expanded polystyrene foam in the roof space"

More than 60 firefighters were called to the listed building to fight the blaze.

No one was hurt.

One neighbour said: "I heard it was started by a teenager on his first day. You have to feel sorry for the poor lad. He must feel terrible," the Daily Mail said.

Apparently the millionaire owner, Andrew Brownsword, wasn't very happy either. But his spokesman said Mr Brownsword believed there was no malice involved.

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