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Keys to maximum-security prison in Iowa are sold on EBay

Submitted by Dmitri Davydov on Fri, 2007-05-04 08:17.
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ANAMOSA, Iowa (AP) - A 135-year-old penitentiary changed some of its locks after keys to the maximum-security prison were apparently sold on EBay.

The keys belonged to a locksmith who retired from Anamosa State Penitentiary in 1974. He died two years later and when his wife died last year, an auctioneer was hired to sell off the estate, which included the keys. Someone bought the keys and put them on EBay. Most appear to be antiques.

Jerry Burt, the prison's warden, said prison staff members told him about the keys after they attended the auction, not knowing the keys were there.

Man Ran Secret Bank From His Washington Home

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A man operated a "warehouse bank" out of his suburban home in Washington, taking at least $28 million from people around the country who wanted a discrete bank account, according to court documents.

An IRS investigator said Robert Arant had hundreds of customers, many of whom apparently used his bank, Olympic Business Systems LLC, to conceal assets for the purpose of evading taxes.

On his now-defunct Web site, Arant advertised his services to those "who would rather not deal directly with the banking system," court records said.

Arant took customers' money -- promising to keep their identities private -- and pooled it in six accounts at Bank of America, U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo Bank, IRS agent Susan Killingsworth said in court papers.

The $67 Million Pants: Washington, D.C., Lawyer Sues Dry Cleaners for Lost Trousers

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A Washington, D.C., dry cleaners says its their business a long-time customer is taking to the cleaners. A $10 dry cleaning bill for a pair of lost trousers has ballooned into a $67 million civil lawsuit.

Plaintiff Roy Pearson -- himself a local judge in Washington D.C -- says in court papers that he's been through the ringer over a lost pair of prized pants he wanted to wear on his first day on the bench. He says in court papers that he has endured "mental suffering, inconvenience and discomfort.''

He says he was unable to wear that favorite suit of his first day of work.

10 Most Outragreous Frivolous Lawsuits

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1. 1991, Richard Overton sued Anheuser-Busch for $10,000. He claimed to have suffered emotional distress, mental injury, and financial loss because drinking beer did not make his fantasies of beautiful women in tropical settings come to life, as he claimed it had advertised, driving him to buy and drink more Bud Light. The case was dismissed.

Mathematicians Discover A Formula For Perfect Beer Foam

Submitted by Dmitri Davydov on Sun, 2007-04-29 07:14.

CHICAGO (Reuters) - A mathematical formula can now predict how the frothy head on a beer changes over time, a finding that may have a wide range of commercial uses beyond pulling the perfect pint, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday.

The formula explains how the tiny bubbles that make up foam grow -- an explanation that could lead to the development of products such as metal shrink wrap.

World's Most Expensive Train ($20000 Per Person)

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MOSCOW (Reuters) - Once considered the preserve of scruffy backpackers, hardy adventurers, and vodka swigging businessmen, a new train on Russia's Trans-Siberian route aims to lure wealthy tourists with luxury.

Robber Flushed Money Down The Toilet. Literally

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CANTON, Ohio -- A sheriff said the evidence was exactly where a bank robbery suspect claimed it would be -- a toilet.

The suspect, who investigators believe took part in robbing the Bank of Magnolia on April 20, cut up stolen money stained red by an exploding dye pack and flushed it down a toilet at his parents' home, Stark County Sheriff Tim Swanson said.

Acting on a tip, sheriff's deputies arrested the suspect on Monday while he was playing cards at a bar. The suspect told deputies where they could find the money, Swanson said.

Deputies with a search warrant removed the toilet from its plumbing and found shredded U.S. currency in the toilet trap, Swanson said.

The suspect was being held on a charge of aggravated robbery, a county jail officer said. Bond was set at $50,000.

The Dumbest Stripclub Visitor

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A Wisconsin man used his cell phone to call 911 after paying the wrong woman for a lap dance.

According to the Dodge County Sheriff's Department log, the man called the emergency number early Saturday after he gave $20 to a woman at a Clyman, Wis. club. The woman did not work at the club and left with his money.

Failing to get a lap dance, the man called the sheriff's department. Officers are trying to locate the woman.

Dodge County is in southeastern Wisconsin with an estimated population of 88,105, according to the 2005 census.

[Via CBS Broadcasting Inc.]

Couple Finds Winning $1000 Lotto Ticket in Trash

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FRANKFORT, Ind. -- A couple picking up trash along a roadside found a winning scratch-off lottery ticket that led them to a $1,000 jackpot. Ronnie and Tina Abbott said they found a lottery ticket worth $15 Sunday while picking up garbage along a Clinton County road near Frankfort, about 55 miles northwest of Indianapolis.

The next day, they cashed in that ticket at a local store and bought one that turned out to be a $1,000 winner.

"It does pay to pick up trash," Tina Abbott said.

She and her husband haven't decided how they'll spend their winnings.

During their trash collection excursion, the couple also found three unopened cans of Billy Beer, a failed brand endorsed by former President Jimmy Carter's late brother, Billy Carter.

Man Gets 5,000 Calls After Posting YouTube Video

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Ryan Fitzgerald is unemployed, lives with his father and has a little bit of time on his hands.

So, he decided to offer his ear, to anyone who wants to call. After posting a video with his cell phone number on YouTube on Friday, the 20-year-old told The Boston Globe he has received more than 5,000 calls and text messages.

Fitzgerald said he wanted to "be there," for anyone who needed to talk. "I never met you, but I do care," a spiky-haired Fitzgerald said into the camera on his YouTube posting.

He planned to take and return as many calls he could, but on Monday at 5 a.m., his T-Mobile cell phone payment will begin charging him for his generosity when he is no longer eligible for free weekend minutes.


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