Florida Nudists To Use $2 Bills Exclusively

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PASCO COUNTY, Fla. -- Nude tourists are ready to dig deep into their pockets to shed more light on how important they are to the Florida economy.

Resorts that cater to nudists are big business in Osceola and Pasco counties. Now, the au natural tourists are stocking up on two dollar bills to prove how important they are to Florida's bottom line.

"We just want to show the merchants that, yes, we're still here and stronger than ever," said Chuck Foster, Caliente Resort.

The nudist resorts bring in more than 100,000 tourists a year. Now they want to flex their economic muscles.

"I think they wanna show the economic impact they have on the local community, that they are here spending a lot of money and, you know, they buy their gas, they eat in restaurants, they buy their food and they want people to know that," said Kathy Dunkley, Pasco County Chamber of Commerce.

The nudists will use only two-dollar bills for everything they buy.

"Oh, we got tremendous feedback, absolutely incredible feedback. They said, `Wow, you people spent a lot of money.' Yes, we did," Foster said.

They hope the two-dollar gimmick will expose just how much money they bring into the Florida economy.

"They have money and they're willing to spend it. That's the best customer there is. They like to have a good time and good food, so I'm excited," said Harry Wright, Harry's Bar-B-Que.

It is not the first time the nudists have launched a two-dollar bill campaign. More than 25 years ago, they flooded local businesses with the unusual currency to demonstrate their buying power.

"We will take in a bunch of two-dollar bills. You can count on it," Wright said.

The nudist resorts have contacted local banks ahead of time and asked them to make sure they have a good supply of two-dollar bills on hand for their guests.

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