Canadian Couple Crowdsources Their Baby Name

Submitted by Dmitri Davydov on Sat, 2011-11-19 08:03.
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/ Canadian couple Jon Peters and Brittany Gardner has hired to name their baby boy. Order 2090 reads as follows:

“We are expecting a son on December 1st and need a first and last name for him. Neither of us are particularly traditional, but would like the name to have a strong/enlightened/intelligent/futuristic meaning, and have good sound harmony when spoken. Some of our favorite first names so far are Raven, Colour and Sword. A last name is requested as well. Some general concepts we like (for inspiration) are: Futurism, Liberty, Knowledge, Transhumanism, Creativity, Exploration, and Innovation. We are open to cool names from any fiction/culture/religion (though we are not religious).”

Dmitry Davydov, the co-founder of at first was surprised. “We’ve had some wacky naming orders. We’ve been asked to name a rap star dog once and we’ve named stip clubs and escort services. But crowdsourcing baby name, that’s the first for us,” said Davydov. is word’s first risk free crowdsourcing naming service, meaning clients pay (typically $50 per name or domain) only if they decide to use one of the name suggested by the service. It has named over 1500 domains since being launched in 2007. Some examples include,,,,, and The service also provides slogans, taglines and product name suggestions.

Jon and Brittany live in Vancouver, Canada and both have Facebook pages


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