Bitrix24 As Free WorkEtc Alternative

Submitted by Dmitri Davydov on Mon, 2013-11-11 07:34.

If you are looking at free WorkEtc alternative, you in the right place. Even though WorkEtc has a lot of competitors, very few have all the features combined in a single solution. Let's take a look at Bitrix24 and the functions it offers, and compare Bitrix24 vs Work[Etc], because in my humble opinion, it makes a perfect replacement.

WorkEtc offers no free plans, Bitrix24 is 100% free for teams up to 12 users, after that paid plans come with unlimited users (Work[Etc] cheapest plan is $195 for 3 users).
CRM in Bitrix24 – core CRM, mobile CRM, free invoices, sales funnel, send&save integrations, flexible access rights, automatic e-mail to lead conversion, e-mail templates, IP telephony, workflow integration (business processes).
Project Management in Bitrix24 – workgroups, projects, Gantt charts, tasks, repeat tasks, task templates, task reports, check lists, Outlook integrations.
DocManagement in Bitrix24 – private and shared files, mulituser online editing, network drive mapping, Bitrix24.Disk (used as free Dropbox alternative), records management.

Bitrix24 Apps – iOS, Android, desktop apps for PC and Mac

Other goodies available in Bitrix24 (some features are not available in Work[Etc]) – Helpdesk and ticketing systemcore HRISvideoconferencingknowledge managementdynamic org chartshared calendarsemployee self service portalsocial intranetenterprise chat.

Obviously Bitrix24 is not the only Work[Etc] on the market – in fact this niche is packed with competitors (Do.Com, Huddle, JiveSoftware). But if you are bootstrapping your company and looking for something that's free or supercheap, because WorkEtc is too pricey for you, Bitrix24 is a great starting point.


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