Billionaire Abandons His $160,000 Maserati On Car Pound Lot For Three Months

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A TYCOON abandoned his £80,000 luxury car in a pound for three months because he was too busy to collect it.

Parisian multi-millionaire Bertrand Des Pallieres, 39, owes thousands in congestion charge penalties and parking fines and also drove without road tax.

His Maserati Cambiocorsa has been at a DVLA pound in White City, west London, since May. It had been spotted without tax and was towed by Transport for London from a square in Knightsbridge.

Each day the car is left in the pound adds another £25 to his bill.

He said he had been distracted by setting up his new business, the £170million SPQR fund, since leaving Deutsche Bank in April and losing his personal assistant.

He told a newspaper: “The truth is I was so busy I did not have time to deal with sorting the congestion charges, paying my road tax and getting my car out of the pound.

“I have been setting up a new business and, as you can imagine, it requires all my focus.

“I have been running around the world raising money for my fund and setting it up.

“For a while I did not have a PA but now I have one, so this will get sortedout.”

Owners of lower value cars get around seven to 14 days to pick them up before they get scrap or auctioned.

Mr Des Pallieres, who says he only uses the car in the summer, said: “In mydefence, I would say that parking in the TfL car pound is not that expensive relative to the cost of parking in central London.”

A spokesman for NCP Services, the enforcement contractors who run the pound on behalf of the DVLA, said: “The reason that this car has not been wrecked is that it is an expensive and quite an unusual car. It has had to be looked at by specialist dealers.

“The owner still has the chance to get the car back, presumably if he pays all the outstanding fine.

“It is safe and secure in the pound but it cannot be held forever.”

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