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Submitted by Dmitri Davydov on Sun, 2013-07-21 11:49.
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Year 2013 could easily be called the year of 'SMB 2.0'. You may have heard of Enterprise 2.0 or 'Social Entperprise' but chances are you didn't care. First you probably didn't have 100K-200K to pay for a typical Enterprise 2.0 solution and second even if you had the money, it probably wasn't really relevant to your (small) business. So how SMB 2.0 is different?

First, it's affordable. Some leading SMB 2.0 tools, like Bitrix24 are 100% free for small businesses. Other SMB 2.0 solutions, be that Hootsuite or Nimble CRM cost about same as ordering a pizza - fifteen dollars or less (per month). Finally, crowdsourcing SMB 2.0 solutions, like PickyDomains give you access to hundreds of experts, while saving you thousands of dollars (at $50-$125  and money back guarantee you'd be crazy not to use PickyDomains for your next naming project).

The core of SMB 2.0 is still enterprise social network that lets your employees talk to each other, brain-storm, collaborate, manage ideas, work together on documents, telecommute and perform other functions, typical for Intranet 2.0

Customer relationship management is also an integral part, though different solutions take different CRM approaches (Bitrix 24 focuses on collaborative CRM, Nimble CRM is working hard on becoming social CRM leader, while HootSuite thinks that Social Network Management is the key to customer satisfaction and increasing sales).

Third SMB 2.0 feature is unifying all tools used by a typical business into one interface. For example, a typical business might use SharePoint or Yammer for intranet/social network, Skype for videocalls, BaseCamp for project management, Google Calendars for scheduling, SugarCMR as CRM, DropBox for file sharing, Office 365 for working with documents. The aforementioned Bitrix24 has every single feature listed, but since it's part of a single network, you don't have to pay for multiple tools or struggle with figuring out how to make them work all together. Nimble and HootSuite both use Activity Stream for the same purpose as well, though their approach is a bit different - using marketplace as primary integration tool.

Finally, SMB2.0 is truly mobile and BYOD (bring your own device). iPhone, iPad, Android - your SMB 2.0 tools are always with you, allowing you to enter customer information from your phone, edit documents or approve payments while in a bar or on vaction, track social media mentions as they happen and do much more. Obviously, the scope of SMB 2.0 tools is a lot wider than the four tools mentioned (Wrike and Asana are also worthy of attention) and lots more new solutions are about to enter the market. So don't wait, check out PickyDomains, Bitrix24, Nimble and HootSuite and start figuring out how SMB 2.0 tools can help you.

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