13 Stupid Ideas That Made Millions of Dollars

Submitted by Dmitri Davydov on Sun, 2008-03-02 09:36.

Want to make it big as an entrepreneur? Check out these recent odd and quirky business ideas. P.S. These ideas could not have been too “dumb” as they have all made millions of dollars for the entrepreneurs who started them.

For your pooch:

  • Looking for that perfect dogie accessory? How about a stylish custom-designed wig? Wiggles Dog Wigs, the brainchild of Ruth Regina offers a variety of wigs and hair extensions for your dog.
  • Your little friend can also try out of Mungo & Maud’s Petite Amande dog fragrance, there is even a matching shampoo.
  • Finally, for some cool shades, fancy outdoor gear, or jewelry, then check out Doggles.

Gift ideas???

Know someone who is hard to shop for? Try one of these specialty items…

  • Does a teddy bear sound too boring? Why not cuddle up with your very own plush road kill?
  • How about some designer antenna balls?
  • Didn’t get to break the wishbone this Thanksgiving? Now you can get your chance with your very own fake plastic wishbone.
  • Know a hardcore gamer? Now you can get padded game controller covers.
  • How about a stylish designer diaper bag? It can hold a travel pack of baby wipes and two to four diapers.

And Other Ideas…

  • The million dollar homepage Create a page with a 1,000,000 pixels, and charge a dollar per pixel to advertise.
  • Now your kids can get their very own letter from Santa Claus mailed from North Pole, Alaska, thanks to a clever entrepreneur.
  • Having difficulty coming up with a catchy domain name? Go to PickyDomains, and they will do it for you.
  • Any seasoned traveler will appreciate this one… The Westminster City Council, which covers Oxford Street, the West End, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London, recently launched SatLav,a toilet-finding service for cell phone users. Now cell phone users can text the word “toilet,”and receive a text back with the address of the nearest public facility.
  • Looking for a doctor’s note to get out of taking that big test? Want to claim a sick day at work? The Excused Absence Network comes to the rescue. Students and employees can buy excuse notes that appear to come from doctors or hospitals.

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