World's 10 Best Paid Bloggers

Submitted by Dmitri Davydov on Wed, 2007-05-09 12:18.

Ever wondered who makes most money blogging online? Well, I did some Googling and here are the results.

1. Markus Frind. Markus is the owner of PlentyOfFish and he makes over 3 million dollars. How do we know? He told so.

2. Kato Leonard. Kato makes over a million dollars, if you believe USA Today. I do.

3. Jason Calacanis. Jason is another millionair-blogger. Ask Google.

4. Tim Carter. Tim is mostly known for AskTheBuilder, which bring in over $500,000 a year from AdSense.

5. Rosalind Gardner. Rosalind Gardner is the affiliate marketing diva, who makes around $500,000 a year from her multiple ventures. She's not shy about it either.

6. Steve Pavlina. Steve is a well known self-help guru wannabe, who failed at gamedev, but found a passion in semi-esoteric pop-psych 'let's just love everybody' blogging. His income ($40000 a month) comes entirely from from AdSense and pitching crappy products from his buddies from self-help industry (like Photoreading).

7. Matther Daimler. Matther makes about as much money as Steve does, but his income is Washinton Post verified.

8. Joel Comm. Joel is an AdSense guru and a fromer Yahoo!Games guy. He pitches his ebook, really, really hard, because it makes a lot of money for him.

9. Jose Ribeiras. Jose makes quarter of a million dollars, which puts him at number nine. He is also the only Spanish-speaking blogger, who made the list.

10. Sharon Maguire. Every time you log into AdSense, you see her site. Remeber the dog thing? Yep, that's it. According to Google, her income is around $250,000 a year.

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