Three (Much Better) Wiggio Alternatives

Submitted by Dmitri Davydov on Tue, 2013-10-01 08:48.


Wiggio, if you are not familiar, is a group collaboration service (groupware) that's mostly free and has over 1 million users, largely students (Wiggio was founded by Cornell students). My beef with Wiggio is that it's next to impossible to use outside university settings – it lacks essential business tools –and offers zero customization or integration options. Luckily, there is no shortage of decent alternatives (even for schools and universities) and most of them have a generous free version as well. Let's take a closer look.

1.     Bitrix24 is the best free Wiggio alternative by a far, far margin. It has every feature Wiggio offers and then some. Importantly, it gives you an option to use Bitrix24 in the cloud or host it on your own server – important consideration if you live in a country with strict personal data laws. Here's a list of things you get in Bitrix24 that aren't available in Wiggio – mobile appsCRMTime ManagementProject ManagementOnline Document Editing (in addition to file hosting, sharing and docmanagement features), Human Resources Information SystemEmployee Engagement ToolsHR Forms and Records Management, Dropbox like desktop app, Recruiting tools, Employee Self-Service portal, Email connectors for Gmail/iCloud/Outlook/MS Exchange and more. Bitrix24 also allows you to brand and customize your workgroups/private social network, especially in the self-hosted version. I am going to stop here, because Bitrix24 comes with 35+ free tools (like free mobile CRM) you best explore on your own.


2.     Yammer, recently acquited by Microsoft, is another decent Wiggio alternative. Yammer offers more features than Wiggio, but less than Bitrix24. As with Bitrix24, you can use Yammer for free, but you'll get the stripped down version that doesn't have any functions outside enterprise social networking (basically you get a Facebook/Twitter clone that you can use to talk with other members of your group). If you are willing to pay $3-$8 dollars per user per month, you'll get access to other features.  Unlike Wiggio or Bitrix24, you can use Yammer to work with your SharePoint accounts (Bitrix24 only offers SharePoint connectors for lists).


3.     Jive Software is one of the oldest and most established enterprise social networking vendors. Everything is great about Jive Software, except for the price tag (if you don't have $100K-$250K to spare, don't bother, because there's no free version, other than a 30 day trial). Jive has been created with specifically for large organizations, typically fifty thousand to several hundred thousand employees, and more Fortune 500 companies use Jive Software than Bitrix24 or Yammer. Jive has a ton of connectors to enterprise solutions which are popular among large corporations (SalesForce, SAP and others), so while you can't use Jive in the small group settings, it is worth of your consideration if your association or organization has tens of thousands of members – you'll probably find Jive easier to set up than Yammer or Bitrix24 in this case (actually, you'll have a Jive consultant set it up for you).


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