Rolling Stones get $50.5 million for private party

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The Rolling Stones earned a staggering $50.5 million for performing at a private party.

The legendary British rockers raked in nearly $62,000 per minute for their 80-minute set when they entertained 500 guests at a Deutsche Bank party at Barcelona's Catalan National Art Museum.

Frontman Sir Mick Jagger finished the show by jokingly telling the crowd, "Thank you for having us. The best part is that it is coming out of your bonuses!"

The Rolling Stones - who have previously charged up to $7.4 million for a private show - aren't the only music stars making a mint from private performances.

American band The Eagles charge around $7 million, while Canadian singer Celine Dion can earn around $6 million for a private show.

Sir Elton John asked for $1.8 million to play at a British multi-millionaire's wedding reception.

Further down the scale, Beyoncé Knowles offers her services for $1.2 million while Aerosmith will entertain you for $1 million.

50 Cent recently revealed he demands $500,000 for 30 minutes work. He said, "That's not a fixed rate, but it's in the ballpark."


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