Real-Life Pet Detective Finds Missing $10,000 Cat

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A $10,000 cat is back with its rightful owner thanks to a dedicated Florida cop detective."His nickname is now official thanks to this latest case.The cat's owner, Sydney Williams, said she knew instantly that her prize pet had disappeared.

The cat, named Taz, is a Savannah cat.Savannah cats are a rare domestic breed of cats that have African heritage, according to"We have five cats and five dogs," Williams said. "Everyone was milling about except for Taz, who didn't show up for dinner.

By the next morning, I knew he was gone and I was frantic."Williams said traffic inside her already busy home picked up last summer as contractors came in and out."We had a construction company here for quite a period of time," Williams said.Williams said some of the workers had asked her what she feeds her Savannah cat and how she cares for him.

Brock tracked down those workers.He said he was worried that the thieves would rather dispose of the evidence than risk returning the cat."I had to be real careful. I didn't want to spook anybody to the point where they harm the animal," Brock said. "I basically told them it would be in everybody's best interest if this cat was returned to the family safe and unharmed.

"A couple of days after he spoke to the workers, the cat was returned.Williams said she is just happy to have Taz safely home."I don't even know what to say about Detective Brock. We truly believe if it wasn't for him, we would have never seen Taz again," she said.The Williams' decided not to press charges against the catnapper.

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