Nameboy Vs Dotomator Vs PickyDomains

Submitted by Dmitri Davydov on Wed, 2011-08-31 09:52.
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I’ve tried to compile a short Nameboy review and tried to include other similar name generators (Dotomator and PickyDomains).



Nameboy – Free

Dotomator – Free

PickyDomains – Paid, Risk-Free (you pay only if you decide to register suggestion, the fee is $50)


Who Generates Names:

Nameboy – computer

Dotomator – computer

PickyDomains – humans only


Quality of suggestions:

Nameboy – horrible to good

Dotomator – horrible to good

PickyDomains – good to surprisingly good


Additional options:

Nameboy – Free Domain Appraisals (automatic, may or may not be reliable, requires e-mail address), Beta Tools (Gen and Radio Test).

Dotomator – Web 2.0 Name Generator (does not check for domain availability automatically), iPhone App (great idea). – offers free links from PR4 site, offers free advertisement to clients (good-sized community of 40,000+ contributors), regular and premium orders, does slogans and names in addition to domains.


Affiliate Program:

Nameboy – yes

Dotomator – no

PickyDomains – yes



If you are looking for a domain name generator – Nameboy and Dotomator are a good way to start. Personally, I like Nameboy a lot better and you might want to try other name generators, like BustAName or NamingStation. Free is free. The obvious advantage of automatic name generators is that you get results instantly. Unfortunately, most of the time it’s total crap – simple word splicing and all the good word combination are already registered. It is a good brainstorming tool, however.

PickyDomains is obviously a lot better. You can see that domains generated by the service, like, MuniPages.Com or Architexa.Com are worth on the aftermarket a lot more than the naming fee PickyDomains charges. And the fact that you pay only if you decide to register of the suggested domains completely removes the risk of paying and not getting a great name. No wonder the service is quite popular and has thousands of clients. Still, I can see how some people may hate the idea of having to pay for domain name. So my advice – try to find available domain on your own first and only then use PickyDomains. Or ask your friends for ideas – you never know, maybe your buddy Mike is a real wordsmith.


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