How Tyler Johnson Gets Millions, Builing Wilderness Trails

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Business Model: Providing manual labor for building trails
Who Did It: Tyler Johnson
Capital Required: $0
How Much It Makes: $3.3 million a year in revenue

Getting to see nature is not an easy task if you cannot gain access to nature. If people don't get to see nature they may never get to truly appreciate it and the role that it plays in their lives. Trails are the paths that hikers and backpackers use to gain access to nature. These trails can however only be constructed without the use of vehicles or machinery according to the law and this has presented a difficult situation to many contractors. There is however a different kind of contractor that has achieved plenty of success building and maintaining these trails.

On the Beaten Path Trail Contractors only started early this year and has already acquired around 3.3 million dollars worth of contracts for the jobs done on the trails. 17 dollars for every hour was an attractive offer to many workers at the ski-resort whenever the season wasn't good for skiing and soon enough even college students started to come in during their summer breaks. In only its first year, On the Beaten Path Trail Contractors already has 63 workers in four states including Colorado and the company is not worried about government cut backs either. According to its founder Tyler Johnson, the support from government officials for both access to nature and job creation will ensure that the contracts keep coming.

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