15 Dyed Dogs You've Got To See

Submitted by Dmitri Davydov on Mon, 2008-05-26 19:14.
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Multicolored Papillon:

There is no rhyme or reason to the color scheme on this Papillon.

Multicolored<br /> Papillon.

Photo by eiscube1978

Pride Pooch:

I am all for Pride, but this is a bit much.

Pride Pooch

Photo by nkaray

Pink Pit Bull:

Prissy Pink Pitty.

Prissy Pink Pit Bull

Photo by heathernana

Blue Poodle:

It reminds me of cotton candy.

Blue Poodle

Photo by jillbeninato

There Are No Words:

As seen on late night Cinemax….

So Wrong- Dog With Mohawk and Thong

Photo by Carolyn Rita

Pekingese Lion:

This little dog looks like a sad mini lion statue.

Pekingese Lion

Photo by Owl Cottage

His and Hers Poodles:

A perfect gift for any couple.

His and Hers Poodles

Photo by hanleyemmac

A Brighter Shade Of Pink:

This Wheaton gives a new meaning to the color pink!

Bright Pink Wheaton

Photo by “jenny horror”

Some Dogs Have Reason To Bite:

This one would have an excuse…

Little Periwinkle Dog

Photo by eepie


I am finding myself getting more and more exasperated as I continue to write this blog…

Pink CottonBall Pup

Photo by lainie on the road

Olympic Poodle:

Someone got a little *too* into the Olympic spirit.

Olympic Poodle In Japan

Photo by Zoom Zoom

Glam Rock Chinese Crested:

Reminiscent of the 80’s….

Glam Rock Chinese Crested

Photo by duckymilo

Poodle With Yellow Bouffant:

She looks like a country singer to me…

Yellow Haired Poodle

Photo by Farang Noi

If Looks Could Kill:

I think we might have a dead owner….

Pink Dog- Dirty Look

Photo by Chloë N

Enough Already!

The wink put me over the edge!

winking orange poodle

Photo by JDWnyc

[Via - DogGuide.Net

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